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Banteay Torp (pronounced Tor-op) Temple is a fascinating and interesting temple site. The name is thought to mean ‘Fortress of the Army’ and it was built during the same period as the Banteay Chhmar temple complex. It is believed to have been built as a tribute to the Khmer army for their defeat of the Cham army leading to Khmer control of the region. The temple is located about 12 km south of Banteay Chhmar.

The site basically consists of three large (and very precarious-looking) stone towers. Also, you can visit the nearby pagoda with its lovely wall paintings. The trip to Banteay Torp will take you through small villages, a large water reservoir and picturesque rice fields.

Banteay Torp is best reached by moto or kuyon. Bicycles are not recommended; unless very sturdy. The area is a very popular place to have a picnic. The CBT tour guides can arrange your transportation and picnic plans.

If you are traveling on your own from Banteay Chhmar to Sisophon look for a big red gateway (Khmer sign) on the east/left side of road (#56A) about 7 km south of Banteay Chhmar; head east 4.6km on this dirt road and go past a village to a large baray on your left; a faded sign will point the way right (south) 300 meters and you will see the temple; then turn left 500 meters for parking.

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