Virachey National Park

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Picturesque natural forest, stunning mountains, plateaus, valleys, local ethnic communities and a diverse wildlife all await visitors at Virachey National Park.

Virachey National Park covers an area of 3,325 square kilometers in Veun Sai and Taveng district of Ratanak Kiri province. It’s about 60 km north of Banlung town in Ratanak Kiri province. The Virachey Park serves as the largest national park in Cambodia.

Virachey National Park is a national park in north-eastern Cambodia. Although partly protecting flora and fauna of international conservation priority, the park is under serious threat from illegal logging in the region.

The park is one of only two Cambodian ASEAN Heritage Parks and is one of the top priority areas for conservation in Southeast Asia. The park overlaps Ratanakiri and Stung Treng Provinces in north-eastern Cambodia covering an area of 3,325 km2.

Virachey National Park was created under the Royal Decree Concerning the Creation and Designation of Protected Areas, issued on 1 November 1993, and is under the administration of the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia.

Located in some of the most deep and isolated jungles of Cambodia, Virachey is largely unexplored and holds a large assortment of wildlife, waterfalls and mountains. The park comprises dense semi-evergreen lowlands, montane forests, upland savannah, bamboo thickets and occasional patches of mixed deciduous forest. Most of the area lies above 400 meters up to 1,500 meters.

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